There are many good reasons why people have been flocking to Los Angeles for more than a century. The fact that the city has consistently been a major draw for people of all sorts for so long tells us all that it is not a flash in the pan or a trend that will last for a few years and then begin to dwindle again. The reality is that Los Angeles has that special something that always seems to be what everyone else wants. Aside from a near perfect climate three hundred days out of the year, Los Angeles has so much more to offer.


Prime Location


Of course, every major city is situated near a major body of water but the location of Los Angeles has so much more than just water. According to the LA Weekly,


“Is there another city on earth that is a reasonable driving distance away from the desert, snow-capped mountains, beach and the happiest place on earth, aka Tijuana? … Throw in slightly less reasonable medium-sized journeys from Los Angeles to Catalina Island, San Francisco and Los Vegas (OK, fine, Disneyland too.)”


So, no matter what type of fun you’re into, when you live in apartments for rent in LA you’ll only be a short drive away from all of it. Where else can you get the world at your fingertips?




Residents also get to feast on a wealth of both indoor and outdoor culture. From Farmers Markets you can visit on the weekends to a host of places to dine, shop, and play there’ll be plenty to keep your free time full and occupied. And if you really enjoy the outdoor experience you won’t want to miss the opportunities you’ll find here. As they describe it in the Huffington Post,


“Part of a gradual movement toward locality and being outdoors to enjoy our great weather. Malls are tearing off their roofs, roads are going on diets to accommodate bikes, and people are watching movies outdoors. What next? Parks springing up over freeways”


It’s true, residents of Los Angeles have a plentiful share of ways to play when they take advantage of the city’s many amenities. While you may be looking for a place with a host of job opportunities, cultural diversity, and lots of recreation, you won’t find a place that will suit your needs more than what you’ll find in the Greater Los Angeles area.