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The Rise and Shine Game-changer, Avocado & Egg, is Available NOW

In response to the overwhelming demand for ‘better for you’ convenient breakfast options, Fresh Innovations, LLC, the parent company to ¡Yo Quiero!, has launched the most innovative product in their roster yet:  Avocado & Egg, to stores throughout Los Angeles. Nutritionists and the medical community herald this nutrient-dense combination as being not only excellent for regenerative health and longevity but as a nourishing way to kickstart the day.

Tara Murray, VP of Marketing for ¡Yo Quiero!, a family-owned Texas-based company known for their commitment the help people ‘eat good to feel good’, emphasizes the nutritional value of combining avocados and eggs. "The unique blend of avocados and eggs isn't just satisfying; it's also a powerhouse of nutrients," she explains. Avocados provide potassium, fiber, heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, and folate, while eggs contribute protein along with essential micronutrients such as choline, B vitamins, and vitamin D. Murray highlights avocados as a staple in the health world due to their myriad benefits, emphasizing that registered dietitians endorse daily consumption for optimal health.

VIDEO: Registered dietitian, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, shares the benefits of eating avocados

Not only does the winning combination of avocado and egg contribute to feeling good, but it also aids in looking as good as one feels. According to the National Library of Medicine, avocados stand out as one of the few foods rich in both vitamins C and E. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in recycling vitamin E, thereby maintaining circulatory antioxidant protection. These antioxidants also work to maintain youthful skin by minimizing wrinkles and shielding against UV damage, the same nutrients that safeguard your eyes also offering protection to your skin.

"There's no doubt about the potency of pairing avocado and eggs," states Jay Alley, Co-Owner and Vice President of ¡Yo Quiero! "These two nutrient-rich foods, when combined, foster a healthy brain, promote stress-reducing hormones, support heart health, combat aging, and alleviate insomnia. As pioneers in all things avocado, with increasing demand, we're swiftly bringing this new product to retail shelves."

¡Yo Quiero!’s Avocado & Egg is packaged with four 2oz mini cups recommended for health-conscious breakfast-eaters everywhere. ¡Yo Quiero!’s Avocado & Egg packs, flavored With Everything Seasoning, Spicy Crushed Red Pepper, or Spinach Tomato Onion, are currently available at your local Safeway & Vons stores.  Please look for the ¡Yo Quiero! Avocado & Egg mini cups in the produce section next to the dips and cut veggies. To learn more about ¡Yo Quiero! visit and

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