Designed by world-class meditation teachers, Brightmind Meditation crafts a customizable meditation curriculum built just for you. Lead by world-renowned meditation instructors, Shinzen Young and Julianna Raye, Brightmind Meditation’s easy-to-follow, algorithmic method to meditation allows any user -- new or advanced -- to begin or continue their journey. Through our unique, powerful curriculum, users learn a more concise and thorough way of understanding meditation that helps them to foster a deeper understanding of themselves and their goals. With over +200 lessons, users can choose to focus on different subcategories of meditation practice from stress relief to improved performance, enhanced communication and pain relief. Through these categories, our app customizes a personal core curriculum, built just for you, that leads each user on their own personal journey through the fundamental practices of meditation. Download our app today to start your free trial and start living a healthier, happier life.
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