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To fulfill the need to purchase inexpensive beautiful sim card of your customers, kept up to date daily a large number of beautiful new sim on the website in order to choose the sim age, sim fate with you not stop there, our business always strive to bring our shoppers the better service with dedication.

With so many options available on the internet selling sims, or even on classified classifieds, Facebook, etc. You will not have to buy a good sim card. But, you should also be careful not to lose the money back to "bore the body".

Very convenient but risky.

Nowadays, as technology grows, you just go to Google and type "beautiful numbers", "buy beautiful numbers ", ... and immediately in less than a second, there are more than 3 million results. is returned to the website selling sim - sim beautiful numbers bloom as "mushrooms after rain".

Surveying a number of these websites shows that the steps to help you buy sims are very easy and fast: feng shui, pick numbers, agree to buy, fill in your personal information to buy and end The same is to choose a form of payment. And then, about 3-5 days (depending on the geographic distance and agreement) you will be delivered sim delivery to home delivery.

Common fraud tactics

Buying sim cards online is quite simple, easy and fast, but also no less risk to the buyer / sim.

According to statistical information from the Department of Criminal Police using high technology, one of the common cheating tactics used by customers is "money has been handed" but "no porridge". That is, although the payment has been completed but the sim is not the same as the number you have chosen or not receive sim.

Besides, taking advantage of the sim card beauty of many customers, the scammer also sell online sim numbers pretty much cheaper than the market price to trap many buyers.

Most trick cheats often happen when the buyer chooses to buy online sim cards at unreliable websites, especially through social networking sites.

Be careful when buying online sim numbers

Although moaning the market today there are many channels selling sim online, but to ensure your safety should choose to buy reputable websites, especially the website of the network. Help you can freely choose / buy sim number is just "genuine" good price but secure. With simple steps and high security authentication steps.

If the buyer buy beautiful numbers at the website selling the numbers or buy on Facebook, then to avoid being fooled, you should note before deciding to buy check the authenticity of the website, keep the transaction information full , choose safe payment method. Besides, there are some other rules when buying sim: do procedures for registering the master in accordance with the rules, get new sim pay. Especially, in the process of using, with the great value sim, you should register the postpaid package.

In order to avoid scams when buying beautiful numbers, especially when buying online, you should go to the official website of the sim or network operator can call free support of for advice.

If you have any questions, please contact Hotline: 0888.11.3333 - 0888.12.3333 to get the best support from staff.

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