Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, July 05, 2023 –Dr. Bharat , India's foremost dentist and founder of Smile in Hour Spalon Dental Clinic , proudly presents the highly acclaimed OSMF Mouth Opening Kit, a groundbreaking solution for Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF). With over 25 years of experience and numerous accolades to his name, Dr. Agravat has revolutionized oral care with this pioneering kit.

Oral submucous fibrosis is a chronic and potentially debilitating condition affecting millions worldwide. Recognizing the urgent need for an effective and accessible solution, Dr. Agravat has developed the OSMF Mouth Opening Kit to help patients regain their oral functionality and improve their quality of life.

Since its introduction, the OSMF Mouth Opening Kit has garnered immense popularity in Dubai, UAE, thanks to its proven effectiveness and user-friendly design. Patients are now able to take control of their oral health from the comfort of their own homes.

The OSMF Mouth Opening Kit includes a comprehensive set of tools and instructions that enable individuals to perform self-treatment conveniently. By regularly using the kit, patients can experience gradual improvement in their mouth opening capacity and alleviate the symptoms associated with OSMF.

Patients can now do it yourself at home and feel their mouth opening from 1 to 3 fingers in just a few months without surgery,  use of injection, or any other invasive method. The OSMF Mouth Opening DIY Kit is a completely natural form of treatment that is also highly affordable for the patients and completely nips oral cancer in the bud.

To make the OSMF Mouth Opening Kit easily accessible to customers, Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd has made it available on Amazon Dubai :, the leading online marketplace in Dubai, UAE. Additionally, the kit can be purchased directly from the official OSMF Kart webstore ( and ).


OSMF Mouth Opening Kit is a world first innovative clinically tested, patented, award winner DIY Kit. It is containing a Pack of 4 Products complete Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis Ayurvedic natural treatment DIY kit, with a herbal lollipop, oral gel, a tablet for Trismus, and an UNIQUE mouth opening exercise device. FAST RELIEF FROM 5 SYMPTOMS OF ORAL SUBMUCOUS FIBROSIS, ORAL ULCERATION, BURNING SENSATION, SWOLLEN GUMS, RESTRICTED MOUTH OPENING, XEROSTEMIA.


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