LONDON, JUly 04, 2023 - Celebrations abound as Sophy-Yah, the renowned British-Nigerian gospel artist, successfully completes her studies at Middlesex University London, solidifying her position as a role model and a trailblazer in the world of gospel music. Alongside her thriving music career, she has ventured into the realm of digital film production, showcasing her multifaceted talents and unwavering determination.


With an impressive track record as a businesswoman and award-winning gospel artist, Sophy-Yah has consistently pushed boundaries in her artistic pursuits. Her latest endeavour, the film "Broken," has already made waves in the industry, having been selected by six prestigious festivals and garnering accolades. This all-female cast and crew production has captivated audiences and judges alike.


Renowned film critics from the SWIFF festivals shared their thoughts on "Broken," emphasizing its immersive storytelling and visually stunning execution. The film's imaginative world and intricate symbolism have left viewers awestruck, applauding Sophy-Yah's ambition and artistic vision.


Fans of Sophy-Yah can look forward to experiencing her inspirational message-driven songs and witnessing her captivating performances in an upcoming live worship session. Additionally, she has set a tentative release date for her next single in August 2023, promising a fresh wave of soul-stirring melodies.


Breaking barriers within the gospel music industry, Sophy-Yah's passion for digital film production has propelled her to new heights. Drawing inspiration from her faith in God, her love for films, and her surroundings, she seeks to create inclusive cinematic experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. Notably, she has implemented colour blindness considerations during auditions, providing opportunities for individuals from different ethnicities to shine.


Sophy-Yah's journey as a gospel artist, director, filmmaker, and producer serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment and perseverance. By graduating from Middlesex University London, she has not only acquired valuable knowledge and skills but has also set a new precedent for gospel artists to explore new avenues of artistic expression.



Sophy-Yah is a British-Nigerian gospel artist, known for her inspiring message-driven songs and captivating performances. With a passion for digital film production, she has ventured into filmmaking and is making a significant impact with her all-female cast and crew film, "Broken." Graduating from Middlesex University London, Sophy-Yah is setting new trends and breaking barriers in the gospel music industry.



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