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LOS ANGELES, CA, JUNE 30, 2023 – Audrey Star, the renowned pop singer and multifaceted artist, has unveiled her latest brand "From Over In To Extreme" with the introduction of a captivating fashion collection. Aptly named the "Princess Of Pop Collection", "The Teen Pop Collection", and "Queen Of Pop Collection", she took different route with her clothing lines compared to others in that these not only showcase Audrey Star's signature style and fashion sensibilities but also delighting fans and fashion enthusiasts alike for its affordability. "There should be an Audrey Star in every house", said her spokesperson.


Audrey Star's new collection encompasses a wide range of exquisite items, including simple pair of stockings, sexy fishnet apparel, lace gloves, long fishnet dance fashion gloves, sensual corsets and high heels. Each item has been carefully crafted and designed to reflect Audrey Star's unique personality and artistic vision. From elegant to edgy, the collection offers something for every fashion-forward individual.


Since its launch, Audrey Star's Collection has created a storm of excitement across mainstream media and social platforms and has left everyone speechless. As the strong word-of-mouth keeps getting around, the collection's remarkable aesthetics and high-quality craftsmanship have captivated audiences, generating an open-mouthed sensation worldwide. Fashion critics and industry insiders have lauded Audrey Star for her innovative approach to fashion, seamlessly blending her music prowess with her keen eye for style.


Not limited to her success as a pop singer, Audrey Star is also an up-and-coming actor and a talented musician. Her multifaceted talent has allowed her to push boundaries and expand her creative pursuits, culminating in the launch of this remarkable fashion collection. Audrey Star's artistic versatility shines through in each piece, making her collection a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and fans of her music alike.


The Princess of Pop Collection and the Teen Pop Collection are now available for purchase at select retail outlets and online stores. Fans can experience Audrey Star's iconic fashion sense and add a touch of her vibrant energy to their wardrobes.


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Audrey Star is a popular pop singer, widely recognized as the Queen of Pop. With an impressive musical repertoire and a growing presence in the acting world, Audrey Star continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility. Now, she extends her creative vision into the world of fashion with her stunning new collection.



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