London, September 25, 2023 - In a world where the UK's recruitment industry churns £40 billion annually, Kaplunk emerges as a beacon of ethical and transparent recruitment. Breaking free from the money-driven clutches of traditional agencies, Kaplunk stands tall as a revolutionary force, transforming the way employers connect with potential employees.

Traditional recruitment agencies have long thrived on exorbitant fees, rendering job applicants and employers alike disheartened. Kaplunk was conceived to upend this inglorious system, founded on principles of fairness and transparency for ethical recruitment in the UK.

Unlike its profit-hungry counterparts, Kaplunk empowers employers to post job opportunities absolutely free, eliminating the need for middlemen and exorbitant commissions. The focus shifts squarely on finding the right applicant without the financial burden that often plagues the recruitment process.

In 2022, Kaplunk unveiled the first-ever UK Employment Community Platform, exclusively designed for company HR teams and applicants. This innovative platform simplifies the hiring process, offering a transformative approach to saving recruiter fees and promoting "UK ethical recruitment" practices.

By removing exorbitant recruitment companies from the equation, Kaplunk enables companies to take control of their hiring process in-house, fostering trust-based relationships with a diverse talent pool. This shift leads to substantial cost savings for employers and a direct platform for applicants to shine.

Kaplunk is committed to ensuring the safety of every candidate, a vital element often overlooked in the absence of an independent regulator. With recruitment agencies setting their own prices, Kaplunk stands against the unfair profit generation, championing ethical practices and cost-efficiency.

"We, at Kaplunk, strive to raise awareness and promote just recruitment practices. Our extensive pool of candidates benefits employers, with applicants sourced locally and internationally. The simplified hiring process, based on a few clicks and trust-building, empowers employers to search for their ideal candidates through customizable filters", said the founder of Kaplunk.

Headquartered in the heart of London, Kaplunk is more than a recruitment platform; it's a community committed to saving recruitment fees for companies and providing applicants with a direct channel to showcase their skills.

Join us in the recruitment revolution, where fairness, transparency, and ethical practices take center stage. Kaplunk - where employers and applicants meet, connect, and thrive, forging a brighter future for the UK job market.


Kaplunk revolutionizes UK recruitment, offering an ethical, transparent platform. We connect employers and applicants directly, eliminating excessive fees, promoting fairness, and fostering trust in the hiring process. Join us in shaping the future of recruitment.


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