Philadelphia,PA – November 18, 2023 – Spazz Out Entertainment was a nickname given to Lamar Roberts as a child from being a troubled kid and always getting in trouble.

"What drives Mr Roberts is the belief that music lets you express yourself fully. 'Spazz out' isn't about negativity; it means giving your all, doing things like nobody else will”. Beyond this creative venture, the heart of Spazz Out Ent lies in family.

"My kids and my wife inspire me every day," said the founder, who's not just a dedicated father but also a successful entrepreneur.

With a background in construction , this visionary has left an impact across Philadelphia. Alongside his music studio he owns a construction company named Fix It Today LLC. The company is renowned for excellence all the way from North Philly to Upper Darby.

His studio is the place where music comes to life."I'm passionate about both my family and business. Being a great dad and entrepreneur fuels everything I do," expressed the founder, whose dedication extends from family life to creating vibrant spaces for musical expression says Lamar.

Spazz Out Entertainment marks a new chapter, blending construction expertise with a passion for creating spaces that inspire boundless creativity.For more information, visit

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Spazz Out Entertainment


Phone: +1 (267) 602-1784


SpazzOutEntertainment is a vibrant platform rooted in the belief that creative expression, especially in music, thrives on dedication and passion. Founded by a dedicated father and accomplished entrepreneur, Spazz Out Entertainment aims to create spaces where creativity knows no limits.

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