There are key factors associated with nursing homes and institutions, including health, professionalism, safety, and care. These factors contribute to the general wellness and well-being of nursing home residents, and lie at the heart of their caregivers' responsibility.


However, when this sense of duty and responsibility fails, the consequences can be tragic. A case in point is the one of James Johnson at Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center.


How the Events Unfolded


In 2017, James Johnson's stay at Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center turned into a living nightmare. Due to the nursing staff's negligible attitude and lack of care, Johnson would develop a severe pressure sore. What's more, the ailment was entirely preventable with regular care and attention.


With the glaring lack of care or intervention, the sore escalated, leading to infections and multiple surgical treatments, coupled with an intense regimen of painkillers. Unfortunately, these complications had a telling effect on Johnson. He succumbed to the cold hands of death, leaving behind a grieving family and a sad tale.


Justice for James


Determined to shed light on this grave injustice, the legal minds at Jehl Law Group, PLLC took on the case, challenging the nursing home's terrible approach to James's condition. Thankfully, the attorneys were armed with handy testimonials from the family and expert medical witnesses, helping them establish a strong case against the facility. Their findings were damning, with all the evidence showcasing the deliberate withholding of Johnson's medical records, and deceitful actions to trivialise the severity of his condition.


Jehl Law Group's investigation was a comprehensive one, revealing a culture of profit over people at Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, their research painted a grim picture of an understaffed and ill-equipped nursing home, placing residents in grave danger. The court's reaction to this shocking revelation was swift and justified, considering the circumstances and the evidence before it.


Justice at Last!

The court recognized the home's reckless endangerment of James and other residents. Accordingly, punitive damages were awarded. Jehl Law Group, PLLC secured a judgement of

$2,249,370.30 against the Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center.


These events serve as a cautionary tale for the industry and emphasises the dire need for transparency, genuine compassion, and professionalism.



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