In the nursing industry, trust is paramount. However, Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center's misdeeds serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of that trust, especially when it's broken. James Johnson, a resident in 2017, became the unfortunate victim for the consequences of the nursing home's actions.


A Costly Occurrence


During his time at the Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center, James suffered from avoidable pressure sore, which rapidly escalated due to the staff's negligence and inaction. The wound worsened and infections set in, leading to multiple surgeries, and a trail of pain medications. James's deteriorating health ultimately cost him his precious life—a direct consequence of the facility's negligence.



Seeking Redress for James


Jehl Law Group, PLLC recognised the gravity of the situation and went on to file a lawsuit against Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center. Their investigation was in-depth and thorough, revealing an amateurish pattern of deception. Further, they would unearth disturbing scenarios where the facility tampered with Johnson's medical records, hiding actual truths to the detriment of James Johnson.


As if the nursing home's missteps weren't terrible enough, Jehl Law Group's attorneys showcased a broader issue: Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center's profit-first approach at the expense of resident's care. The facility's modus operandi was laid bare for all to see, illustrating their grossly understaffed ranks and poor attitude to providing essential supplies.



Finally, Justice


The court reached a judgement that reflected the severity of Midsouth Health & Rehabilitation Center's transgressions. The ruling further highlighted the facility's utter disregard for residents like James, leading to punitive damages awarded against the nursing home.


While the final judgement amounting to $2,249,370.30 against the nursing home is not a replacement for James's life, it serves as a reminder of the immeasurable value of trust and the steep price of its betrayal. It also serves as a timely reminder to the rest of the industry of their responsibility and duty of care owed to reside.

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