Brighton, 10th December 2023 — Renowned English Rapper/HipHop/Grime artist Mehdi Monir, professionally known as Meditate, marks a significant milestone in his musical journey with the introduction of his latest single, "Yell," receiving its inaugural radio play on BBC Music Introducing. The debut on 23rd November 2023, orchestrated by the esteemed Melita Dennett, signifies Meditate's evolution as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Born on 16th May 1994, Mehdi Monir's musical odyssey began as a therapeutic escape during a challenging phase at the age of 15. Progressing from humble origins, he discovered his unique talent through friendly competition, leading to his single ‘Yell’ being released on 7th July 2023.

Mehdi's commitment to his craft materialized in the establishment of Meditate Records on February 5th 2018. The label's first offering being, the 9-track LP titled ‘Truths’ unveils personal truths from Mehdi's journey, available on all major digital platforms.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, Mehdi launched Meditate Records in 2018, amplifying his artistic reach with the release of the music video 'Away' and subsequent projects like 'Dunya' and the 2022 EP 'B-Major.' The latter features collaborations with Mic Righteous and introduces the gifted singer Katie Wize.

Beyond music, Meditate has diversified his portfolio with a modelling career, collaborating with Fresh Agents since November 2017. His commitment to boxing is evident in the creation of 'Box Brighton', a YouTube channel showcasing aspiring athletes and talents.

Expressing his passion for impacting lives, Meditate shares, "This project means the most to me," referring to 'B-Major,' where he collaborates with a artist who share his Persian background.

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Mehdi Monir, known professionally as Meditate, is a dynamic force in the Rap scene. Founder of Meditate Records, his music reflects personal truths and resonates with audiences. Meditate's artistic journey extends into modelling, boxing, and creating platforms for aspiring talents.


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