(November 24, 2018) - For a person to givethemselfa rapper name such as Lil Brass, Musician and making comedic music only to make his way to meaningful songs such as "i'm sad." and many more to come such as his future album "Stressed with Depression" coming in February of 2019. It's odd to normally have this happen. Though, it does happen every now in then; to occur out of nowhere without some form of announcement is uncanny. His first ever released song titled, "Pornhub" where he talks about his sexual feelings towards to pornographic website and trying to be like every generic rapper talking about sex, drugs, money and etc. He replies with, "I listened to couple of SoundCloud artists and thought it was ironic and funny how they mention these things and manage to make it funny. I thought to myself, what happens when those artists stop? I have no form of entertainment, so I decided to make my own form of it. Soon enough the people who visit my SoundCloud all loved it. I was slowly growing but in the process of all this comedic music, I started going back to being depressed. I used comedy in music to make me and others laugh for a distraction of being depressed. When that doesn't work for me, I write meaningful music about my life and feelings."


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I normally make posts to Instagram about twice a week on my

@reallilbrass account. I barely ever use Twitter but when I do, it's normally just to read others posts or to mention something in my music life or just my life in general. I sometimes wonder why I actually made my @realLilBrass Twitter account. I just recently got my own website for these kind of things though, it's still in the works kind of but it's fine. I just recently got some of my music on Spotify and other music stores such as iTunes, Apple Music and others.



SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud/lil_brass


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I'm normally into Hip-Hop & Rap but other times I love R&B/Soul, it gives me a chance to express my melodic rap and voice. Sure, I'll rap about my feelings too but I feel like it's more meaningful to truly use your voice as well. Nothing sounds better to me more than when you use your voice to express your writing. A majority of my songs are Hip-Hop & Rap but I've made some test SoundCloud pages to just upload some demos of my R&B style. I've gotten a lot of people liking it as well but I'm still trying to find MY voice and explore it more.


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