(November 27, 2018) - Collar or harness, that's the question, if you have been with your pet for some time, you may have experienced the feeling that he is towing you instead of walking quietly next to you.  Dogs that resist going on walks or pull on the leash may always cause problems during a long walk. In this post we will see the main advantages and disadvantages of each of these two products, so that you choose the most convenient product for your dog.


Dog Collar

The Custom Dog Collars are the most popular solution among owners because they style your dog nicely. Let's see the benefits and drawbacks of using a collar.


Benefits of the collar

The personalized dog collars are more comfortable to place and are indicated for dogs that do not have breathing problems and for those that are not prone to pulling on the leash. They are also beneficial for dog owners that like to have a custom engraving on thedog’s collar.Dog collar also helps those who have very long hair, since the harness can be somewhat uncomfortable due to the pulls. Therefore, the dog call is good for these reasons:


Dogs that behave well

Dogs with very long hair

Dogs without respiratory problems

Dogs that wear it all day


Disadvantages of the collar


However, dogs that resist and pull duringlong walks can hurt their neck and can even lead to respiratory problems, so a harness may be the best option.

The harness

The dog harness is gaining more and more popularity among dog owners when discovering the advantages that they offer.

Advantages of the harness

The harness is a good option when it comes to teaching the dog to walk on the street. The harnesses allow the owner to have a little more control over the dog avoiding the resistance, so that they are more comfortable to walk around with your dog. Dog collars are good for the following reasons:

Dogs that need more control in their walks

Dogs with respiratory problems

Dogs that play sports

Dogs traveling by car


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