China (December 21, 2018) - The aluminum industrial platform ladder is equipment used to facilitate the access of employees and workers in areas with high altitude and with access to specific points for works with safety in height, being essential to guarantee the rapidity in the processes of loading, unloading and internal logistics.

The Work Platform Manufacturer ladder can be developed in several formats, according to customer specifications. It is also important to note that the ladder aluminum industrial platform is supplied with natural finish, anodized or painted in alloy 6063, T5 quench and aluminum bases of 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60 and special, depending on the type of application of the equipment.

The differentials of the ladder industrial platform in aluminum: resistance and durability

In addition to the flexibility and versatility of the equipment, the ladder aluminum industrial platform also has the advantage of its great resistance. This is because aluminum is able to withstand mechanical shocks and environmental corrosion as well as humidity, weather and temperature variations.

The ladder aluminum industrial platform also has a low specific weight, that is, is lighter, which provides advantages in manufacturing, transportation and assembly. Among other differences of the aluminum industrial platform ladder, we can highlight:

• Higher modulus of elasticity compared to steel and other materials;

• Less risk of deformation caused by impacts or falls;

• Reduction of costs with the elimination of welding processes, painting and chemical treatment;

• Improved operator safety.

Structural: security and ergonomics in stairs, platforms and industrial equipment for altitude work

Alu Work Platform works with the manufacture of equipment and machines for industries, as is the case of the aluminum industrial platform ladder. The company is known for the quality of its products which are developed in accordance with technical standards and customer specifications. In addition, the company has been in the market for years serving the most diverse industries.

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