China (December 12, 2018) - NFC technology appeared in 2002 when we tried to get a protocol compatible with the existing contactless technologies at that time. The NFC was approved as the ISO 18092 standard in December 2003 and then, in March 2004, we created NFC Forum getting now that companies like Google, Visa, At & t, PayPal, etc belong to and support this technology.

Nfc Cards  works under the RFID standard. In fact it can be said that NFC is the union of RFID and interconnected technologies. It works in the band of 13.56 MHz (in that frequency it does not need license to use it) and that they are present in transport subscriptions or even security systems of physical stores. NFC is an open platform designed from the beginning for phones and mobile devices.

Its transfer rate can reach 424 kbit / s, so it is focused on instant communication rather than the transmission of large amounts of data, so its main function is the identification and validation of equipment / people.

Origins of NFC technology and nfc cards

As previously mentioned in 2004, NFC-Forum was born, an organization in charge of regulating and determining the standards and characteristics of NFC . However, it is in 2006 when the first technical specification of this technology takes place.

Members of this organization are companies such as: Google, Visa, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, AT & T, Paypal, Nokia (the latter is one of the biggest drivers of NFC technology), etc.

NFC-Forum also has other purposes such as: 

Develop standards specifications, architectures and even interoperability parameters for the protocol and nfc cards and NFC devices.

Encourage the development of products that use technology and meet their specifications determined by the organization.

Educate consumers and businesses to understand the NFC.

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