Australia ( December 13, 2018) - It is exciting to receive a package, but it can be disappointing if the contents are not in perfect condition. We will show you how to package your items and properly label the packages you send, so that the contents of shipping arrive in good condition.

Follow these four steps:

Choose boxes strong enough for the content it will contain. And that is not cracked, torn, dented or damaged in any way. You can use your own box or the package shipping provided. Ideally, use a new box of corrugated cardboard.

Select and use quilting materials that are suitable for the contents of the package. Wrap items individually and wrap them in bubble wrap and recyclable foam or foam fillers. The content should not touch the inside of the shipping box directly.

Close and seal the package securely. Use plastic or reinforced pressure-sensitive nylon tape that is at least 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide.

Label the package properly. Include complete shipping instructions such as zip codes, apartment numbers or any other information that may help your delivery. Our  shipping service can help you complete the label. Be sure to place the label on top of the package and remove any old label as well as cross out old data. Secure the label and do not place it on the joints of the box or on the tape.

How to determine the weight and size

Rules for correct packaging

You can help your package reach its destination safely and on time with these Packaging Guidelines and procedures developed.

Use a rigid box with the tabs intact.

Remove any labels, indications of hazardous materials, and other shipping marks placed in the box before, which are no longer valid

Wrap items separately

Use an adequate cushioning material.

Use adhesive tape designed for shipping.

Do not use paper ropes or wrappings.

Use a single address label with clear and complete delivery and return information

Place a duplicate address label inside the package.

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