United State (October 19, 2018) - With only a few weeks before the election. A trend has begun as over 40 Democratic based websites are featuring and sharing a song called RISE UP by R&B singer The Mark Williams. The song has been viewed and shared over 750,000 times so far. This song written as a world unity song requesting that people “RISE UP” against tyranny, hate, and poverty, has touched and inspired the voter base in the Democratic party. “The song was written as a song of peace and love but it has an edge to it as it reaches out to the world to request stop the madness in the world today”. Says The Mark Williams the lyricist and producer. 

One of the videos created by Mastersellers Music features some of the faces and deeds that are done by the current administration and the bright new faces coming up in the Democratic party.  This along with other visuals in a world in need of healing makes this video touch many hearts and minds. “I’m honored,” says Williams “and grateful anytime a song of mine is enjoyed and using it for this cause is great”. As I say “RISE UP”.

You can download RISE UP on all platforms or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or The video is on Youtube and 

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