China (December 04, 2018) - One of the latest applications that is being given to RFID tags is the alarm system, since these antennas have the facility of being able to be used at a long distance of the order of 4M, they allow us to create controlled and undetectable spaces, an example is the smart carpets to prevent theft of the items and also know exactly the product that is being detected at the exit of the establishment.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Rfid Products Supplier uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag that is attached to a product. Through a reader you can identify the product and it’s follow-up. RFID technology allows you to automatically identify the product without reading a barcode; the label can transmit and receive data, allowing you to update the product with new information.

The RFID tag consists of an antenna with a chip that contains information about the product, in this way the system not only gives an alarm when a product is attempted to steal, it allows you to have accurate product information.

What is an RFID tag?

It is a system with a high immunity to false alarms because for an alarm to occur it is necessary to read the internal code of each label, with which even RFID tags from other businesses can not cause alarms.

Another of the great advantages is the possibility of protecting large step widths regardless of the size, since we can adapt as many antennas as we need without losing effectiveness in the detection.

The system is easy to adjust, as well as an effective counter measure to thieves, in addition, the entrance of the store is free of obstacles, which improves the aesthetics of the store, and however this technology can coexist in harmony with current technologies of dissuasion existing in the environment.                        

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