(December 02, 2018) - Since the sport of poker generated in the population a new leisure activity, in which from professional players to simple lovers of cards participate in tournaments with prizes in some millionaire cases, the most varied systems arose to try to know the cards of the adversaries, and in this way win the hands, staying with the well in play.

Although in the casinos where poker tournaments are mainly organized, the rules of surveillance and control examine not only the movements of the players, but also guarantee that the cards used are not marked or with manufacturing defects, which could easily make them recognize the values, in other tables of game, like for example the social circles or simply in private meetings, the things can take another color.

Until recently, the most popular cards999 company low price sale invisible ink marked cards in play on their back with the corresponding value. The player provided with a pair of research and develops infrared contact lenses that to see marked playing cards.

Now we provides Most advanced AKK playing cards scanner on sale a type of contact lenses that -sure-, can see through the plastic cards, without the need to mark them with invisible or special ink in black light.

The new contact lenses differ from the already known "infrared", which cost a little more than 1,500 euros, precisely because they do not need to "see" the previously marked letters, but "transfer" the normal letter, identifying the printed drawing from the factory.

The website that sells them, also offers CVK poker scanner system, an innumerable series of other articles designed to know the adversary's cards, ranging from pre-marked letters, special inks, glasses, and other more sophisticated electronic devices such as high-speed reading cameras to incorporate in smartphones , or a kind of syringe to inject microchips into the cards.

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