What is a customer journey?

The Customer Journey or also called the buyer journey is a model that allows us to monitor the behavior, needs, and problems of our target audience during the purchase process.

In order to boost our online sales and conversions, Ecommerce Analytics Companies need to design a Customer Journey for each of the products and Customer Journey Tracking we offer. If we have an online store we can do it by product categories. To give you an idea, with our new Web Track Software we focused the structure based on the 4 Buyer Persona that we have (students, agencies and businesses).

Phases of a customer journey

How to create a customer journey

To create a trip for the client, we need good Customer Analytics tool that give us the data we need and many hours to interpret the results and make decisions.

How to improve your Customer Journey

We give you an example of how to create or improve your Customer. At home phase you will have to identify the problems you find and what solution you will offer.

Imagine that after thoroughly analyzing the behavior of most users and customers you realize that cold traffic does not usually convert because you do not know or trust your brand. At that moment you will have to decide what to do with them. On the one hand, you can put testimonials, make them a free demo or you can cultivate better the relationship with them before sending you to know your product or

The matrix of contents of the Customer Journey

To create and improve your Customer Journey you will need content, tools, organic and paid promotion and other resources. Through the matrix, we share content ideas that you can use according to the phases of the client's trip and depending on the level of credibility and influence that the contents have. The usual thing is that the contents of the brand do not generate as much confidence as those of other clients or pre-writers.

About us:

Customer Service Reps can engage with your customers with complete context even if they come from Website or Mobile. Data Sleek provides Customer Journey Analytics and Tracking Tools, we use data about customer’s behavior to understand the intent and predict future action.

Our Customer Tracking tools integrate with Cisco Finesse and Avaya Breeze platform to provide a Complete Customer Journey to Agents at the time they take the call or attend a chat.

Our Customers include Travel Companies, e-commerce companies, banks where the agents use this to improve the customer experience

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