Francesco D'Agosta, (Born 16th of February, 1996) known with the stage name Belair is a music producer and musician from Germany.

He was born in Krefeld Germany he grew up in Austria, Burgenland. He attended the Handelsakademie in Neusiedl am See.

He started his career at the age of 18 (2014) as a music producer in

Miami, Florida his debut musical album “Love Is War” was released on the

19h of March, his second album "Moonrise” was released later on the 3rd

of April.


" Shooting Star " (Belair)               2020

" Heaven on Earth " (Belair)         2020

" Love is War " (Belair)   2020

" do you want me? " (Belair)       2020

" Moonrise " (Belair)       2020

" Forever Alone " (Belair)             2020

" Bad Memories " (Belair)             2020

" Sad Romantic " (Belair)               2020

In recent times, indie music has garnered a lot of attention, with

multiple aspiring artists releasing their own singles and tracks.

Francesco D'Agosta, more commonly known by his alias, Belair is one such artist. This 24-year-old music producer from

Germany has become the latest artist to attract the attention of millions online.

Francesco D‘Agosta, more commonly known by his stage name, Belair,

started producing music at the young age of 18 in Miami, Florida

He has steadily built his career as a music producer, first releasing his hit singles in early 2020.


Belair hopes to continue his rise to success and is excited to share his latest works

"Forever Alone"

"Sad Romatic"

with his audience.

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