Artist Rewards is Industry Accountability 

ATLANTA, GA, April 28, 2020: This week, Indiehitmakers, anticipates the release of its new program, Artist Rewards. Artist Rewards is a national brand loyalty program and membership network. The platform is designed to boost the career of independent artists while bridging the credibility gap between artists and industry service providers. Artist Rewards provides members with a return on their brand investment through a variety of much needed services like digital radio airplay, streaming, PR, digital marketing and advice from industry experts. The network also connects artists with trusted third-party vendors and offers rewards for good business practices. This concept is long overdue since the music industry is highly unregulated. Independent artists, who make up an estimated 97 percent of musicians in the industry, often work unsigned. Without an experienced team, emerging artists face many risks on the path to developing a successful career. Artist Rewards addresses that issue by giving members access to Industry Certified service providers. 

“Artist Rewards is a revolutionary, groundbreaking concept,” says industry connoisseur and CEO, Rob Terell of Wealth Nation/Sony Music group. “We are bringing something of tremendous value to the space, and the hope is that the community will embrace it and respect it. We are doing something that has never been done before and I believe that it is going to transcend the culture as we know it.”

Artists can select from 3 levels of membership:

  • Gold membership—$29.95/month, includes member benefits like digital radio airplay,  advertisement, online promotions, advice from top industry experts, and discounts on any of the service providers in the Artist Rewards network.
  • Platinum membership—$49.95/month, includes all the Gold benefits, plus PR, online marketing, and promotions.
  • Platinum V.I.P. membership—$99.95/month, includes all the previous membership benefits, plus opportunities to work with industry executives from companies like Sony, Universal, Def Jam, and more.

With a monthly membership, artists receive strategic partnerships and value added benefits that support their career and allow artists to economically grow their brand. Artists earn reward points with purchases made through the network and points can be redeemed on services provided by Industry Certified providers or on major brands such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and more. Artist Rewards ensures that if an artist pays a vendor for a service, they will deliver exceptional work. The program is designed to foster quality business relationships between artists and industry service providers which can translate into brand loyalty.

Artists and service providers can join the network by signing up at

To connect with Indiehitmakers and learn more about Artist Rewards, please contact:

            Lydia Plantamura, Director of Public Relations



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