NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 10, 2020 - The online world has really brought people out of local stores and straight back to the comfort of their homes. Delivering every possible item one can imagine and even the ones one never knew existed. It is a multi-billion dollar industry as of today.

Since continuous out-of-the-box thinking is a key factor in attracting customers, this is where JUForce comes in. In a simple yet colorful system that doesn't include tiredly navigating the labyrinth of the portal to find one thing useful, JUForce is insanely easy to use.

"There are many challenges, yes. Especially the competition from the established giants. But I know we're gonna succeed because they aren't offering what we're offering. We've put our blood and sweat to set up a fantastic team and offer for people something unique and funky that they've never seen. I'm sure with time we won't just be in their homes but also in their hearts", said the Founder and CEO of JUForce.

A variety of products wait to greet you at this center point for all your needs, especially for lifestyle shopping. The products include--but also aren't limited to –

There's a host of other exciting product awaiting the click of your button - the best line of product you've ever seen.


JUForce is a New York State based online portal dealing in lifestyle products, kitchen needs and a host of other products.

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Address Line1: 182-21 150th Avenue

City: Springfield Gardens

State: NY

Zip Code: 11413



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