“Angry Apple's CORE approach starts at the foundation of how people take in information and make purchase decisions, Sharpspring has allowed us to make this happen”

Since joining Sharspring’s Partner Programme, we have developed into a full-service inbound marketing agency, working with clients to grow the number of valuable leads and customers that come through their websites.

We’re particularly proud of:

  • Being able to ensure the platform works for our clients, including technical implementations to sync with existing software
  • Truly understanding our clients’ needs and adapting the way we work with their portal to suit their needs. Some are more focused on marketing, others make sales enablement their priority
  • Making use of the breadth of the platform and diving deep into the powerful features we have at our disposal, from designing templates, setting up complicated workflows and even enabling our client's sales and marketing teams to integrate better.

Angry Apples Managing Director, Paul Wilcock, said:

“Joining forces with Sharpspring has been one of the best decisions we have made for our Agency & our clients – the strategies we are implementing in this system are truly amazing. The system enables us to turn our ideas into actionable growth plans that are showing proven ROI and allowing us to achieve the impossible. We’re excited to see where we get to in the next year” 

To find out more about how this partnership can help your business please take a look at Angry Apple’s CORE SYSTEM.

Watch now, Angry Apple Media's Core Marketing System overview

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