Date'2020, Seattle, Washington: In this world of ignorance and betrayal, few people ate giving their level best to keep humanity alive. The matter of homelessness has become relevant in modern American society and the US government hardly taking any serious steps to help the unfortunates. Only the compassionate social workers and researchers are taking their empathetic initiatives to help the homeless people in this crisis. While they know they cannot make a big difference without the help of higher authorities, the social workers are still somehow managing to bring viable betterment in the life of the homeless.

A 90 years old lady, a true expression of kindness and benevolence, feeds the homeless people on the streets of Seattle every week. Despite age or weakness, she never gives an excuse for preparing food for herself in the soup canteen and distributing among the hungry people. Her firm determination to help others influences the other social workers and general people to be kind to the needy souls. Thomas Manning, a social reacher, opines " All these homeless people are lost souls and the spirit of our society is becoming sick. These helpless people, if they are educated, neither have no documentation to prove their ability nor have a solid identity proof to verify themselves. They have only one option that is to start from the beginning, but the lack of money holds them back. Thus the cycle of suffering keeps repeating and the people continue to the never-ending challenge of life. When a 90 years old lady is not giving up on them, how could the US government who has superior power and resources resist themselves from helping these people? The homelessness is now a stigma on the American society and the stain has to be removed as soon as possible."

Not only Seattle but the other major cities of America such as Chicago, San Fransisco and many more are facing the problem of homelessness. No matter how hard the social workers are trying to stand aside from these needy people but the whole matter can only be solved by the assistance of higher authorities. The city is throbbing in degradation & suffering and this is the high time for the US Government to take serious actions to revive the circumstance. 

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