16 January 2020: Over the years, the industry of financial investment has become more complex. It is not an easy task to exclude so many options by looking into the future, foreseeing the profits and making it large. This is where a stalwart investment consultant and expert come into the picture. James Gillingham, a highly-experienced finance expert with diverse knowledge in the field of investment, will be the best bet to consult and engage hard-earned money to promising channels.

Being one of the leading team members of global financial brands such as Close Brothers (London) and International Asset Management (Mayfair) in the past, James has acquired a huge knowledge about how an investment works in the entire world. Currently, he is a Singapore-based top consultant in investment and financing. He has been one of the best options for top investors in the world showing his prowess to deliver the best results.

The reason for seeking consultation from James Gillingham is his versatile knowledge about investing and entrepreneurship. His dreams and activities did not stop after working with top investment and finance brands in the world. He took a giant leap to entrepreneurial grounds and began his venture.

Currently at 1 Exchange (Singapore), he is concentrating on delivering insights and knowledge about the competitive market regarding forex and asset management. He conducts exclusive training workshops for aficionados who are searching for valuable insights and updated knowledge about CFD and Forex market.

James Gillingham, apart from being an international asset management and Forex consultant for top clients around the world, provides a unique platform in Singapore to mentor amateur investment experts and help them to make it big in the industry.


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