16th November 2019: Good news for the poker aficionados, Ethpoker has formed a new website where one can play no-limit poker using ethereum wallets. There is no need for registration or downloading an app. Only an ethereum wallet will let everyone play and instantly get the winnings delivered to the wallet in a single step.


Why waste time and money in navigating the roads, go to a casino and play poker with unknown people? It can now easily be done online on the no-limit tables of Ethpoker. Ethpoker does not need any bank account details or any personal information. All it needs is an ethereum wallet to get an entry and become a part of a digital poker table. On using a crypto currency wallet, players from anywhere in of the world will be able to join a table and enjoy the adrenaline rush of playing poker online.

Forget the hassles of registering on a website or any online digital platform. There is no need to download an app and congest your smartphone when you can conveniently visit a website to play poker enthusiastically. This online Texas Hold’em Poker game can be played in a tablet or a PC. In fact, it also does not need any player name or information. Playing anonymously and enjoying the fun of poker online by using an Ethereum wallet is quite fascinating.

Once the ethereum wallet address is provided, the website will ask for transferring coins to the official website eth address. Once it is done, a player will be redirected to a room for playing poker with unknown players. When a player leaves a table, the winnings will be directly deposited in the eth wallet provided at the beginning.

Visit to play poker online with your Ethereum wallet.


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