‘I See How It Is’ is the new debut from the exceptionally mysterious artist, aptly named KUILL. The artist refers to his style as “elusive pop” where he combines Electro-Soul and Alternative influences to create this regenerative sound that we fell in love with.

KUILL, a 27 year-old from the North of England, stores the details of his history and identity behind a mask, however one thing we know is that he has now begun the journey as an emerging artist and is sure doing very well!

He explains that he has worked with some of the world’s most famous musicians and is now seeking the anonymity and freedom to bring his new sounds to the arena, hence his mask.

From the first moment ‘I See How It Is’ starts playing, one thing about KUILL becomes very obvious… The guy can sing and it’s certainly nice indeed. There is an easy and soulful warm temperature to his voice which makes his performance impeccable as he effectively flows from a cool rhythmic melody to a more elaborate vocal work. Gentle synths paillasse the melody giving it that perfect balance and space to embrace KUILL’s vocals and let it shine.

KUILL sets the proper mood for the track which concurrently explores emotions of isolation and seeks for the purpose of life.

You can listen KUILL on the Spotify playlist HIDDEN GEMS. Follow the hyperlinks below to connect with the artist and stay within the loop on all of his modern and future projects.



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Peter Silva (Artist PR)


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