We are the people: A nurse and business owner, a family vocation restaurateur and waitstaff handed down over the generations stretching back since childhood, grandmothers, dads, business women, a beautician, wedding event planner to a car dealer, a techie accountant, church and synagogue attendees at houses of worship to ardent activists, sisters, brothers, mom & pop businesses from gyms to nail and flower shops.  We are naturalized and born citizens of all colorful shades of humanity, avid concert-goers lamenting cancellations to single mothers, people earning and building their businesses after lives from divorce, recovered addiction and domestic abuse. All of us are workers in some manner who just wish to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness. We the people plaintiffs are everyday Americans.  ‘We the people’ have come together.  We the people of Washington are together suing the unconstitutional mandates imposed by Governor Jay Inslee and crew.


We the people bring US District court class action case #20-5408 filed in Western Washington. The complaint simply and elegantly shows the unacceptable tyranny of the governor.  We the people of Washington show clear violations of our basic civil rights.


We the people complain encompassing the violations of the Declaration of Indepence and the Constitution, specifically the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments, Articles 1, 2, and 4. We the people demand due process, writ of habeas corpus, free movement and free association. We the people are guaranteed freedom from, treaties, confederations and alliances with other states with severe restrictions depriving people of their livelihoods including property. We the people have the right of peaceful assembly. 


None of the plaintiffs have been ill nor shown signs of the virus. We the people have been deemed ‘non-essential’ by the Governor’s illegal proclamation. The terminations of plaintiff’s businesses, assembly and employment are direct and proximate results of the governor’s soft martial law mandates.  None of ‘we the people’ have received notice, hearing, adjudication, opportunity to present witnesses, decision, nor right of appeal. We the people seek damages.


As one of the named class action plaintiff’s states: “I am endowed with inalienable rights, those which I was born with, not ‘gifts from the government.”


We the people have requested a jury trial. 


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Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, JD                                                        S. Rowan Wilson, MBA

1523 132 nd Street SE, Suite C350                                        P.O. Box 254

Everett, Washington 98208                                                    Seahurst, WA  98062                                    

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