TAG: Noted ACLJ founding attorney T. Patrick Monaghan's wife nears death as controversy surrounds her treatment and investigations are under way into the matter in Kentucky.


T. Patrick Monaghan (Pat) is a founding member of the public-interest law firm the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). He is one of three members currently on the Board, along with Jay Sekulow and Pat Robertson. On October 28th, 2019, his wife, 71 year old Mary Louise Monaghan, suffered a severe stroke, steadily improving until late January of 2020 when she developed mysterious symptoms of pneumonia. Shortly thereafter, a DNR was made by her husband, Pat.


At both Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY, where she was, and Landmark Rehabilitation in Bardstown, KY, where she is, medical directives were given to dehydrate her. This nearly killed Mrs. Monaghan. When her son Joe Monaghan complained, Landmark responded that these directives were issued by her husband, Pat. Fearing for his mother’s life, Joe contacted the Archdiocese of Louisville, the Ombudsman. After the Ombudsman intervened, she appeared to be briefly given some hydration, but the Ombudsman then dropped the matter.


The dehydration issues continued for two months, against Kentucky law, culminating on April 16th when witnesses discovered that her water setting was zero. She was receiving no water at all.  Remedial hydration steps taken after an investigation by the Officer of the Inspector General (OIG) stopped the attempts to dehydrate, but since then she has appeared heavily sedated.  The OIG investigation records are sealed and the facility refuses to release her current prescription list. A review of her prescription list as of April 6, by a practitioner familiar with her records, revealed that Ms. Monaghan was on 11 medications, but only needing two of them. They even had her on a prostate drug.


On March 20th, her son and a friend visited her at 9:00 pm at her window. The TV in her room was so loud it could be heard outside the building, all the lights in her room were on, and her door to the hallway was closed.  She was visibly shaking in bed.  On March 23rd, a police officer appeared, chasing people away from visiting her at her window. This visiting method was being encouraged nationally due to COVID-19. Police investigators and the ACLU are looking into the situation.  Her Son-in-Law works in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, yet the office has declined to pursue the threats against her life as a conflict of interest.


Landmark has been served with a letter from an attorney stating that the methods used to end her life are illegal. Two state investigations are ongoing. Pat Monaghan has claimed that he wants his wife to live and he is just doing what he knows best, yet Landmark is currently involved in a number of lawsuits.  One, according to Thomas Law Office's website, states that “more than a dozen of the facility’s 200 residents are in immediate danger of “death or serious mental or physical harm.” The owner, Joe Meisels, has been sued by the Attorney General of Iowa for defrauding the elderly by selling fake astrology services.  


Mary Louise never signed a Living Will nor indicated that she wanted to die. Her condition has never been adjudicated according to Kentucky law, and the attempts to withhold her water and nutrition were done in secret.  

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