RICHMOND, Texas - April 7, 2020 - Finding the best Apple iMac or MacBook Laptops for home-based business or school use.

Finding the right Laptop or Desktop could be very difficult for a person, where they might not understand which would be the best configuration for their home-based business or also for schoolwork. With the experience of the techs at Stumpler that is made easy. Where they can explain and guide them to the right product purchase online via online live chat available 24/7.

Home-based business has funding limitations and would require to either compromise with the equipment they buy for the business needs. At Stumpler, with their refurbished top-rated Apple Laptops & Desktops you can buy for half the retail price.

But until today, there has been just one problem. There is a barrier to entry into buying these products for low prices as major corporation have overhead expenses and add extra cost to even refurbished products. At Stumpler they have it shipped directly out of the warehouse as the overhead expenses are cut out and entrepreneurs can afford high quality products for a reasonable price.

Another option for entrepreneurs is to get financing done through high interest and pay overtime. But it is still very expensive for a home-based or a startup company to spend high Dollars. Stumpler offers financing through major different vendors with interest free where approval is resulted in 15-30 second during the checkout process online.

But starting today, entrepreneurs can acquire high-quality computers overnight at right price, and begin focusing on their business.

About Stumpler

Stumpler ( is online entrepreneur online business, founded by Wassim Dossani. He has over 8+ experience in repairing laptops and desktops (, working with servers and established online web hosting company for jewelry industry.

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