Promoter Box is a unique project organized by 3000 Records offering music free for promotional purposes. Each sampler album can be downloaded with one click as an AlbumZip. There’s no registration or credit card information required. Promoter Box Vol. 30, is available now at

This music promotion project was designed for people looking for some of the best new music by independent bands and artists. This is a great way to download new music legally, since it is available for the purpose of promoting the bands and artists on the album. With this, music fans can legitimately benefit by filling up their mp3 player with great independent music at no charge.

Promoter Box Vol. 30 available instantly at includes different music from bands and artists from across the globe including Fran London feat. Nathan Brumley, Dillgin, Chi-Town Ben and Jackie B, and Terence Thomas.

This sampler album titled Promoter Box Vol. 30 appeals to a wider audience. This free sampler album has been released to provide an opportunity for these talented bands and artists to be heard while attracting new music fans.

People who are interested in independent music is exactly the audience that Promoter Box reaches. This can make all the differences when it comes to getting new music heard by fans, and getting the music into the hands of music industry professionals. For music fans, Promoter Box Vol. 30 is free to download for promotional purposes. Promoter Box offers promotional music to blogs, radio DJ’s, and media contacts. This music is also available to music fans through social media and email. Additionally, 3000 Records promotes music through advertising it with banners, magazine advertising, RSS feed, social media, text ads, and more.

"We're promoting great music to attract new fans for hard working artists and bands. We felt it was time to offer music fans a direct way to get new music that is 100% free, and legal." - Terrance D. Schemansky, Owner 3000 Records.

To download your copy of Promoter Box Vol. 30 visit and pass it along!

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