With the coronavirus spriding around the world,Hand sanitizer is become essentially import for our daily life & protect us from virus. And hand sanitizer is extremely in shortage.

Hand sanitizer manufacturer - Ocean Star Inc announced today that it has more than 5 million units of hand sanitizers ready to deliver. The company is following and is in compliance with each step of the FDA Guidance. And the hand sanitizers contain 62~75% alcohol with different size container over 30 types (10ml~5000ml).

More about Ocean Star Inc

Ocean Star as the top 3 hand sanitizer manufacturer in China, The Company has engaged in the manufacturing and trading of household chemicals and skincare related supplies since 2007. Their manufacturing facility is a GMPC, FDA ,CE and TÜV SÜD compliant factory. After 13 years of experience and technical accumulation, they made great progress in several industries they are involved in, especially the hand sanitizer products. Honorably work with Amazon, Walmart , LG Beauty, Bayer and more  Private label hand sanitizer

Ocean Star do oem business over 13 years, helping hundreds of local or global brands grows fastly. They manufacturing not only hand sanitizer, but also hand wash,hand soap, alcohol free hand sanitizer gel, sanitzer spray with pump,Hand santizer Card Shape Spray. With the 5 million units/month/design of production capacity and 20 days leading time, they are ready to cooperate with more companies and distributors to help more people get the hand sanitizer. At the same time, thanks to automated production equipment and mature processes, their product prices are very competitive with other suppliers. 

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