April 27, 2020 (Portugal)

Brazil and Portugal join forces again and leave us speechless with their new sound!

There is no virus that will stop them!

Brazilian singer Anayr Celina known for the recently released Latin hit “No Perdamos Tiempo” in collaboration with Portuguese DJ and producer HK release their second hit together, this time with the Brega Funk rhythm that has dominated Brazilian radio stations. The new release, aptly named “Só Pra Me Vingar”, had more than 45,000 streams in less than 24 hours and has now over 100,000 streams only on Spotify.

The song talks about an unrequited love that became revenge; a woman who discovered self-love and taught the beloved, who left her, to beg for his love.

"I tried to give a new look to the traditional Brega Funk and give my personal touch, but everything was complete with Anayr's vocals that were, without a doubt, the cherry on top of the cake" says DJ HK.

The music contains traces of the culture of northern Brazil, to which the singer is a part of. With an engaging melody and traces of forró, reggaeton and other rhythms “Só Pra Me Vingar” promises to stay in the mind of the listeners.

“We thought of something that could take the brand from Brazil and also from the north of the country where I was born, so that I wouldn't lose my Latin identity. It is a work that we are proud to present” emphasized Anary Celina.

In the sequence, both artists said they will donate part of the money they raise with the new single for the fight against covid-19.

You can listen to “Só Pra Me Vingar” on your favourite digital platform on this link:


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