ASHEVILLE, N.C., Jan.24, 2020 – Aeroflow Healthcare Inc. recently published results of a survey whose aim was to shed light on the lack of communication that exists regarding health problems between aging senior citizens and their family or closest friends. The survey was designed and administered by a third-party provider and included polling of 1000 seniors over the age of 60.  Participants were sourced from all over North America to participate in the three-day survey.

The survey produced some interesting results as detailed below:

  • 64% of participants (seniors) find assisted living preferential to receiving care from family or friends.
  • 46% of participants voiced concerns of becoming a burden to their loved ones.
  • 54% of participants stressed they would be embarrassed about discussing their incontinence problems with family or friends.
  • 52% of participants stated they would rather hide their incontinence issues instead of asking for assistance.

These results and statements suggest that many seniors would rather hide their incontinence and suffer alone instead of inconveniencing family or friends.  They are even willing to take evasive measures to avoid help from loved ones.  Almost half of those surveyed (46%) are concerned about becoming a burden, 52% admitted to hiding Stress Urinary Incontinence problems and almost two thirds preferred assisted living over being cared for by family or friends.

Mica Philips, Director of Urology at Aeroflow Healthcare stressed the importance of open communication saying, “When people get older and their bodies slow down, it is important that they feel the support of their immediate family (and friends) and feel able to use this support network to communicate their needs.”   He went on to state, “Incontinence issues develop as our bodies age and this is totally normal, but that doesn’t stop many seniors from feeling embarrassed about their diminished control or independence.  We need to work harder on educating seniors that incontinence is extremely common in an effort to normalize the issue and eliminate seniors’ feelings of isolation.  Our company wants seniors to put their needs first by confronting the issues head-on with the help of their loved ones.  In the long run, this is the best way forward for everyone involved and will ultimately be the most comfortable way to manage incontinence.”

About Aeroflow Healthcare Inc.

Aeroflow Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2001 in Asheville, N.C. as primarily a provider of in-home oxygen.  The company has since expanded to become a leading medical equipment provider in North America.  Aeroflow has been included in Inc. Magazine’s List of 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for three years running and the company has also been recognized with a Great Place to Work Award.  An accredited Medicaid and Medicare provider, Aeroflow also accepts most commercial insurance. 

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