29th March 2020: The world is facing a huge threat from the pandemic named Coronavirus (COVID-19). A majority of the countries in different continents are entirely locked down to stop this infection from spreading. What keeps our hope alive and our enthusiasm heightened? It is the creations of the artists that keep us happy and our morale boosted. One such independent music producer/DJ is Edy Marron. Since his first creation, this music producer has become a heartthrob for the admirers. His excellent entries in different genres are proving to be the bfgest support for his followers during this critical time.

His new album was yet to be released but the breakout of the pandemic slowed down the publication process. Despite the lockdown and quarantine environment, he is still working on his music and doing his best to provide his creativity to his fans and music lovers.

His house music album will have songs from different genres such as future house, bass house, techno, etc. It is because of his diverse and eclectic music production, people like his albums very much. His talent is unmatchable when compared to the full-fledged and resourceful music producing houses. Despite the black times, this DJ/Producer will be delivering his creations in the form of a new album later this year.

Edy’s music has a diverse set of genres showing how multitalented he is in this field. His previous house music can be streamed from Instagram, Beatport, YouTube and Spotify. You can also buy them at an affordable price from the producer and listen to them anytime you want.

The time will come when the dark clouds will recede and a new day will shine. Until the new album is released, get amazed by his previous music creations.

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