The fresh smell of air, millions of stars above your head, and the good company around a warm fire are some of the best parts of the camp. But when the morning is cold and clumsy, you need a cup of steamed coffee to warm up and move.

Whether you're camping on a mountain or stuck in a flat-screen three-bedroom camping van, you have a few options for making coffee while camping.

The most common way to make coffee while camping in a tent is to use a coffee brewer. Backpackers often use instant coffee as that means less weight to carry. However, you will find people pouring, a French press or even a coffee maker machine with a filter for gas stoves. Although there are hot souls who swear by cow's coffee. Read on to find out what is the best way for you.

How to brew a perfect cup of coffee while camping

Fill the infiltration with the amount of water necessary to dispense the desired amount of coffee. Then fill the basket with coffee beans. If you do not want to reduce the risk of grinding in the coffee, you can insert a paper filter in the basket. Turn on the heat in your heat source and wait for it to boil. Then remove the infiltration from the fire or stove. And let it leak. The infiltration normally takes 7-10 minutes. The more you improve through filtration, the more you will use it.

The French press is a very popular way of making coffee in the camp. Because as with infiltration, making coffee is an easy way for some people. Use a French press to separate the hot water from the brewery. Instead, the water boils first. Then let it cool for a minute. Cooling the water reduces the likelihood of bitter substances being extracted from the coffee beans.

When the water boils, put your ground coffee in the French press. It is important to note that the size of the beans can vary greatly with the quality of the coffee with a French press. French pressed coffee works best with larger but softer beans. They are larger than traditional refined coffee mills.

If the grinding is too small, you may find that you have a cup of bitter coffee and the grinding in the cup may end. After heating the water, pour the water into the French press and push in the plunger.

The flask sends water through the mills. If you need to store coffee after brewing, you should pour it into a thermos or bar. Otherwise, coffee is bitter because water brings more bitter flavors to ground coffee.

Single cup small coffee makers are an effective way for the RV campers to brew a quick cup of coffee.

You need a coffee grinder. Javamill ($ 29.95 from GSI) is a solid device with no frills. Snow Peak offers a stainless steel version with Field Barista, a practical hinge crank for $ 99.95. Both have a ceramic grinding wheel. Fine grinding of grains is also a personal taste. I prefer coarse grinding, although grinding is generally finer, the oils are released more and the flavor of the coffee becomes more intense. However, too fine an infusion causes a bitter infusion.

(If you forget the grinder, you can puree the beans by wrapping them in a cloth and hitting them with a stone.)

A more traditional method of preparing the coffee without a coffee maker is cowboy coffee. Fill your pot with about six cups of water and bring to a boil (you can do it on the fire). Remove the pan from the heat and add half a cup (about two handfuls) of freshly ground coffee. Stir, cover, and cool for three minutes, then add a small drop of cold water that deposits the bottom.

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