Andrea Susan Glass, an award-winning ghostwriter and book coach, is offering a free report called “Write A Book Checklist.” The PDF file is available at her new author website, The checklist is a comprehensive list for anyone getting ready to write their first book. It covers almost every step needed to start and finish a book. The practical checklist was created as a free gift to encourage visitors to sign up for Glass’s email list. Once signed up, they will receive the free checklist as well as twice monthly tips on writing, inspiring quotes, book reviews, and author events.

The new website at was built to showcase Glass’s book, Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection which will be published in January, 2021. “I’ve been ghostwriting and copyediting books for more than 20 years,” says Glass, owner of WritersWay. “I finally decided it was time to write my own first book.”

Her book which will be available initially as an ebook and is focused on nonfiction books, explains how clarity, confidence and connection will help authors get clear on their goals, build confidence as they overcome their challenges, and connect with readers. “I find authors need to be clear about the reasons for writing their book and the reasons their readers will buy their book,” says Glass. “They also need to overcome obstacles that may be keeping them from completing their book.”

She also feels it’s vital for new authors to learn to connect with their readers both within the book and in the marketplace. “Authors need to understand how to make a connection in the book with their readers. I do that by sharing my journey as I write my first book,” Glass says. “They also need to build a connection by developing a fan base before releasing their book. They need to establish what’s called a platform to find their readers and build connections so book sales will start as soon as they launch their book.”

Anyone thinking about writing their first book can sign up for a complimentary book strategy session on the website as well. “As a book coach, my mission is to help anyone at any stage of the book writing process to move forward to completion,” says Glass. “I know I’ve had my struggles to get my first book written, and after ghostwriting dozens of books for others, I understand the book writing process and the challenges that arise. I want to help as many first-time authors as I can overcome any obstacles in the way of achieving their dream of being a published author. I know I’m excited that my dream will soon be coming true.”

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