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Package Pally is a Patented, Delivery Box for your packages and deliveries. It is portable, lockable, easy to install and can receive multiple packages while still locked. It can also come equipped with a Camera, Alarm, Lock & Light. Package Pally protects packages.

Raymond James, originally from Trinidad & Tobago and now residing in Florida, invented Package Pally after an Amazon package was stolen right off his Doorsteps. He made the first Prototype in his Garage and applied for a Patent. That Patent was recently granted to him for this new Invention.

With the rise today in online shopping & food deliveries, comes also a rise in package theft. Package Pally is needed to keep all your packages & deliveries safe. Most packages fit well and it will keep your groceries clean and off the ground. Don't take a chance for a Porch Pirate to steal your packages, which may contain important Medicine, Electronics or Documents. Package Pally is portable and can be placed anywhere, from your front Door, side Door or Garage. Package Pally protects packages.

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