GUANGDONG, 10TH NOVEMBER, 2020 - Thermal Cycling Test Chamber Manufacturer by DGBell has become the best selling chamber and is currently the most widely used Thermal Cycling Test Chamber used by scientists. Coupled with another best selling equipment - Temperature Humidity Test Chamber - DGBell Test Chambers have surpassed everyone else in their market share and popularity.

The Temperature Cycling Test Chamber made by DGBell is executed on materials for specifically determining the resistance of exposure to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures. It has been designed to produce a high degree of testing accuracy that can be repeated with the same confidence in how accurate the results are. The industry grade programmable controllers make sure that the temperature and humidity fluctuation and deviation doesn't affect its testing capacity. Because of the fact that the various controllers are imported, the results are digitally displayed.

The Temperature Cycling Test Chambers are ideal to be used for plenty of research projects. It is an extremely useful equipment that has been developed by environmental chamber manufacturers. Users can simulate the varied effects that rapid and sharp temperature change can have on the samples for measurements and tests.

"We are delighted that our test chambers, especially the Thermal Cycling Test Chambers, have become the favourite of scientists worldwide. A lot of effort, sweat and man-hours have been spent to manufacture the most technologically accurate equipments that our modern day scientists can use to expedite their experiments and progress scientific knowledge. Our equipments have explosion-proof pressure relief device, mobile phone alarm device etc as safety measures. Equipped with 1.2mm thick SUS#304 temperature resistance stainless steel as internal material and galvanized plate with Double-sided electrostatic powder coating as external material, DGBell has made sure that only the best configuration and materials are dedicated towards the design of test chambers. Your scientific progress is now our responsibility", said the founder of DGBell.

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DGBell is a top rated environmental test chamber manufacturer and battery testing equipment supplier. They have been making test chambers for 15+ years, supplying test equipment at a far better price than its competitors.


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