GUANGDONG, NOVEMBER 05, 2020 - DGBell has become the most widely used temperature humidity test chamber manufacturer. It is the most widely used temperature humidity test chamber for basic thermal cycling test and accelerated stress test.

Designed to produce a high control and testing accuracy, the chambers provide continuous humidity measurements that are also repeatable with the greatest degree of accuracy each time. Controlled by an industry-grade programmable controller, the test chamber is accurately measured by a temperature and humidity sensor. Since the test chambers use imported temperature controllers, the temperature and humidity are digitally displayed directly on the equipment.

The temperature humidity test chambers are extremely suitable for testing of the products in a wide variety of scientific research prospects. Industries such as the petrochemical industry, life science, pharmaceutical engineering, aerospace, agricultural research, metrology, electronic appliances etc are heavy users of such test chambers. Not to mention that induced with Japanese and German refrigeration technology, it also saves a good 20% on energy. Since it is available in customized design, it also provides various options to meet the many different test requirements.

"Not only do our test chambers produce test results the most accurately of all but also they're the most competitive and reasonably priced. There's hardly any other place where you'll find a test chamber designed with high-end parts but available so competitively priced. There is also a fog-free observation window and interior light to view the product under test. Rest assured, this temperature test chamber and humidity test chamber is the best investment you will have made, like so many other of our satisfied clients, for your lab tests", said the CEO of DGBell.

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DGBell is a top rated environmental test chamber manufacturer and battery testing equipment supplier. They have been making test chambers for 15+ years, supplying test equipment at a far better price than its competitors.


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