LYONS, IL, NOVEMBER 13, 2020 - Proper logistics and drayage is often a challenge. Any company that has ventured into export of goods can testify of the challenge of finding the right drayage firm, especially whose trucks and drivers can be tracked and believed to have carried out the job responsibly. Is there a company that can be trusted to carry out the job with aplomb and accuracy?


Say Hello to CDL 1000. The top American logistics company that offers excellent solutions for transportation of goods with the greatest care for delivery. With new systems in place, tagged with the latest softwares and devices, CDL 1000 has essentially reached the next level of hi-tech services in logistics. Specializing in Over the road, Drayage-Intermodel and Warehousing operations, CDL 1000 has added to its arsenal transportation solutions that are designed with advanced tracking systems and freight matching capabilities.


CDL 1000 also uses Real-Time Tracking Systems that loads updates in real-time along with the ETA. Customers can receive emails on the same at regular intervals. Add to it that with the latest systems and the new website in place, the company can dispatch a driver in a jiffy.


"We are really very happy with the way we are progressing. Our new software systems and the new website has made life easier not only for our ever-growing list of clients but also us. We can now have every information from Point A to Point B. Proof of delivery and route taken along with real-time updates are available on our driver app. Not just that, customers will be able to provide feedback post-delivery that has never been seen before. I can assure you that with our round the clock asset-based Supply Chain Solution company, your logistics are in the safest hands", said a Senior Manager at CDL 1000.


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CDL 1000 is a 24-hour asset-based Supply Chain Solution company that offers transportation solutions with advanced tracking and freight matching capabilities. It offers top rated Over the road, Drayage-Intermodel, and Warehousing operational solutions for flawless delivery.



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