AntiVirBag, a portable air cleaner, ionizer, and ozonizer, is on Indiegogo from November 10, 2020, allowing backers like you to pre-order AntiVirBag for its lowest price ever. Today, you can order the AntiVirBag Super Early Bird for €99, a 66% markdown from the future retail price of €299. Once the campaign starts, you can get our special offer of  €149, a 50% markdown from the retail price. You get the AntiVirBag and a strap set.


The AntiVirBag is a battery-operated, portable, high-performance air purifier, ionizer, and ozonizer. It combines the protective effects of an air purifier with the neutralizing protection of ozone, providing a double-dose of protection that other air purifiers lack. In doing so, it provides the user with clean air, even if you’re in a polluted public environment such as:

  • Cars
  • Taxis
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Planes
  • Elevators
  • City streets
  • Office buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants


Basically, anytime you want clean air, the AntiVirBag is the portable, high-performance solution you need to breathe easier.

Why You Need Clean Breathing Air

The air around you is dirtier than you think, even when you think it’s reasonably clean. That’s because there are often pollutants, pathogens, and harmful particles in the air, even when the air looks clean. You won’t know unless you test the air, but you can’t test every lungful of air you breathe.


The problem? The air you breathe is critical to your health.


Take the average sneeze, for example, the most obvious red flag of spreading germs. The average uncovered sneeze can fling germ droplets up to six feet away, but smaller particles can travel eight feet or further. Plus, a hearty sneeze can fling droplets at up to 100 mph, according to the University of Bristol.


Unfortunately, unclean air is about more than just viruses. There are all sorts of unhealthy particles in the air, including pollutants. The problem is that you can’t see these particles in the air, and while they may not have an immediate effect on your health, they do have a cumulative effect on your health.


AntiVirBag allows you to breathe easy by ensuring the air you breathe is fresh and clean. It does this in two ways: with negative ions and a small dose of ozone.

Negative Ions

Who says negativity is a bad thing? In this case, it’s actually fantastic for the air you breathe. It all comes down to magnetism.


Remember in science class when you learned about the positive end of the magnet being attracted to the negative end? The same thing applies to particles--opposites attract.


So, when you put negative ions in the air, they do what negative ions do best: attract positive ions. The good news? This basic fact of nature is what makes AntiVirBag work.


When we say that AntiVirBag purifies the air you breathe, we’re talking about negative ions. Most particles are over-positive (ionically speaking), which means they’re naturally attracted to negative ions. This includes particles like pollutants and pathogens.


AntiVirBag works by using a metal lamella insert with tips connected to a battery-operated high frequency generator which sends negative ions into the air. This works to attract positively-charged pathogens to the device, where they adhere to the metal lamella strips.


Of course, AntiVirBag doesn’t stop there.


Once AntiVirBag extracts positively-charged pathogens from the air, it goes one step further. It then releases a low dose of ozone. Ozone, or O3, is a form of oxygen gas composed of three oxygen atoms (as opposed to the more common O2).


This makes ozone highly reactive. Trust us, that’s a good thing--it means that ozone is spectacularly good at purifying the air.


Then, after the ozone purification, the air is finally filtered. This is how AntiVirBag goes the extra mile, making sure that you always have clean air. 

Benefits of AntiVirBag

The real benefit of AntiVirBag is that it’s so much more than just a regular air filter.


Most air filters work by trapping air particles before you breathe them in. While this works for some particles, the reality is that no filter can catch everything. They’re just not made that way. Filters are good at catching a specific type of particle or a particle size, but some others might slip through. Also, filters don’t clean the air--they just trap the bad stuff.


Unfortunately, this can still leave a lot of stuff floating around in the air.


AntiVirBag is a smarter solution. Instead of simply filtering the air, it works to actively clean the air and neutralize harmful particles. That way, instead of just breathing filtered air, you get air that you know is clean, no matter where you are.


In addition, AntiVirBag is designed to be portable and easy-to-use, matching the busy lives of those who use it. Your need for clean air does not stand still, and you shouldn’t have to stand still for clean air either.

AntiVirBag on Indiegogo

This is why we’re proud to bring you AntiVirBag on Indiegogo. Because when it comes to the air you breathe, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than clean.


Our campaign starts on November 10, but if you order now, you can still get the AntiVirBag Super Early Bird for €99. Around the middle of December, we’ll send out a survey where you can enter your shipping address. After we get your surveys back, we will start working on pre-orders, and you’ll get your AntiVirBag by February 2021.


Want to try the AntiVirBag for yourself? It’s simple. Start by backing the project and then pick a reward--the AntiVirBag Super Early Bird or the Special Offer.


From there, choose your shipping destination (don’t worry, we’ll check in with you again in December). Then, continue as a guest or create a Indiegogo account. From there, add your payment information.


Then, you’re ready to pledge--and be one of the first to receive the AntiVirBag.



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