The pandemic has devastated more than just lives all across the world. The economic downturn it leaves in its wake, is considerable. 43% of small businesses have gone out of business. And mass layoffs and pay cuts have cost thousands, their livelihood. In a scenario where keeping one’s head above water is tantamount to survival, Acquigo can help businesses see tangible results to their marketing efforts, turning things around with automated, data-driven processes.

Conventional Marketing Clouds have limitations when it comes to finding the right target group for the offered products and services with ease – what is the right criteria for identifying the right TG, the appropriate channel of communication, the kind of messaging, and the number of times to contact each of them.

The Acquigo Algorithmic Marketing Cloud is a one-stop shop that addresses all of these concerns faced by most marketers – in other words, it allows you to run high performing marketing campaigns at scale, with ease!

It comes pre-loaded with

  • Algorithmically-derived segments for maximum response rate
  • A campaign recommendations Engine, simplifying decisions
  • A Single interface for generating high-impact messages
  • Omni channel communication for a wide reach
  • Hyper-personalization
  • The ability to run multiple exposures with variants of your message
  • Built-in AI algorithms to optimize hundreds of variables to increase campaign response rates.

Acquigo’s built-in algorithms automate every activity of campaign management right from defining the target audience to planning, designing, executing, tracking and optimizing your marketing efforts.

The platform implementation needs ZERO Integration which means businesses can go live in the shortest possible time. Acquigo comes with pre-built connectors to dozens of the most common data sources and applications, which reduces time and effort.


The platform will be most useful for service industries where businesses/ brands have to interact with large voluminous customer bases where individuals are at different phases of the customer lifecycle exhibiting various behavioural patterns. The tool reduces the execution TAT of campaigns to a great extent which gets the maximum ROI for marketers.

The platform is the best suited for the Banking & Insurance sectors where lifecycle communication, Revenue growth campaigns, Retention and Loyalty campaigns are all equally important for sustainable business growth.

To explore more about how Acquigo can help Banking and Insurance industries check out

Acquigo for banking

Acquigo is a synthesis of Xerago’s 10+ years of in-the-trenches experience running over 1 billion marketing interventions. Xerago is an Integrated Marketing Services Provider that helps brands with their Marketing Transformation. Headquartered in the Bay Area, Xerago has offices across the world.

Showing you how Acquigo works will take just a few minutes. But those few minutes will change your life.

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