MUMBAI, 19 SEPTEMBER, 2020 - Digital marketing agencies abound in the large spaces of the internet. But there are very few of them that actually help businesses scale up, reach new customers and get the numbers they are looking for.


Meet Shivarkar. The award-winning digital marketing consultancy, with an additionally huge experience in traditional marketing, that specializes in getting the work done for its clients. No matter what the budget, Shivarkar with its decade long experience is set to meet your needs. With its premium quality methods on engagement of customers and generating revenues, Shivarkar comfortably meets the desired outcome for your satisfaction.


Providing custom SEO, SEM solutions for your business right from domain name registration, website design, website maintain to SEO, CRM, campaign management and LTV, Shivarkar provides end-to-end marketing solutions. Shivarkar also specializes in designing highly interactive and curiously engaging posts, and thoroughly managing KPI based campaigns on all forms of social media. The firm also provides free SEO audits.


Shivarkar is also highly skilled in the development and growth of start-ups. An impressive client satisfaction rate and project delivery rate gives Shivarkar a huge edge over all other agencies. After all, a client is only satisfied only when projects are completed on time and business grows.


"We have done quite well thus far. Having A wealth of experience and a scintillating success rate gives us the confidence to play the game at the next level. That is why we keep doing so well, achieving better growth, engagement and revenue numbers for our clients at a very consistent rate. We're skilled at optimizing traditional and digital marketing campaign performance through micro tracking, multi facet analyzing and devising tailor made solutions. As a Marketing Strategist I know how to make a huge positive difference for your business and it won't be long before your business skyrockets", said the founder Pravin Shivarkar.


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Shivarkar is a 360° Marketing Experts firm with a huge experience in Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, Social Media, PR, Email Marketing) and Traditional Marketing (TV, Print, Radio, alliances).



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