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HUAIBEI, SEPTEMBER 23, 2020:- There are not many cycles that really change the lives of people, generally speaking. The first was the invention of cycles. But since then cycles have only modernized but with no extra noticeable benefit for the everyday person. After all, how many people do we know take up cycle racing or ridiculously expensive modernized cycles?

Cue, the stylishly essential JX Cycles. Designed to help not just every human but also people who want to run small to medium businesses, JX Cycles has become one of the most recognized brand names across the world for its varied range and its practical utility for all humans. One doesn't have to be some kind of a specialist to operate them.

JX Cycles offers a myriad of its range of cycles, ones that include Ice-cream Bikes, Food Bikes, Pedicabs, Cargo Bikes, and the most special of them all - Coffee Bikes. Designed for all those who want to open a coffee shop on the move, Coffee Bikes by JX Cycles sell like cakes the world over. Available in an exciting range, at least one of them is bound to give people a nostalgic feeling. Retro coffee bikes, Fashion coffee bikes, Modern coffee bikes and Classic coffee bikes are the ones they make presently that have taken the world by storm, simply because of its usefulness for both domestic and coffee business purposes.

"We have coffee bikes for sale, we have cargo bikes for sale, food bikes, food carts, you name it, we have it on sale which also includes some amazing offers. We always wanted to make a difference to the world. To give humanity something better to look forward to along with the simplicity that is missing in today's world. We got this idea while on a trip to the Netherlands and something clicked inside. It was decided right then and there that we'll make these bicycles and have a world wide supply chain. Just imagine how many people these wide variety of bikes will help! Coffee Bikes, Cargo Bikes, Food Bikes and so much more for people to make a difference to their lives! It was our dream come true and we strive to continue to make a difference with our cycles ", said the founder of JX Cycles.

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JX Cycles is a cycle manufacturing company that manufactures a wide range of cycles including Coffee Bikes, Cargo Bikes, Food Bikes etc. and supplies them the world over. The company was established in 2008 and has supplied thousands of cycles the world over till date.


Telephone: +86 561 4173 997

Mobile: +86 136 8517 2486




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