Gurpreet Singh is an American-India Singer. His stage name is Luxy Singh (IG: @luxysing). His origins are from Punjab, but nowadays, he lives in San Francisco, California. The artist started his career in 2011, and had an interest in American Indian Music. He has been in the industry for nine years now and he plans on dropping his debut single soon. Wealthy, Charismatic, and Smart, he did his education in California, USA.

Mr. Singh went to SAE Expressions to study sound engineering, which is one of the best digital media schools in the United States of America. Additionally, now at the age of 27, he already owns his own record label “SlumdoggMillionairez Productions”. With high ambitions and great courage, his team is about to shoot the next video for the song “One Kiss” in Las Vegas. Not only he is working with big labels from America, but also from India.

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