WinPlay announces decentralized token sale in order to pass control overtheir platform over to their 450K registered users and serious investors.

The platform is a gamified marketing platform that has been live and building
crypto communities for over a year. These communities include now successful
projects like Nimiq, Swipe, Casper Labs, WhiteBit Exchange, KuCoin Exchange and
BiKi Exchange just to name a few.

WinPlay released their decentralization plansin a manifesto. In their visionstatement they explain that the main reason behind this decentralized working
model is to ‘ ...create immense amounts of wealthfor all WinPlay participants without a centralized overseer.”

You can read the announcement at length and participate in their launch
campaign here:

WinPlay has a strong and numerouscommunity to support them and a working product live at:

Interest in cryptocurrencies is again at an all time high due to the many foes
about the economy. More and more projects like WinPlay are choosing to move
into trustless and decentralized methods of collaboration, and it seems to be

The blockchain space has received a new wave of mainstream interest thanks to
the development of Decentralized Defi protocols that are disrupting the
financial industry faster than anything that has come before it.

What is Defi and Why is Growing So Fast?

Decentralized finance is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend in the
financial industry.

Allowing any user in the world to lend, borrow, deposit and participate in
complex financial products without asking anyone (like a bank or regulator) for
permission or even needing to open an account is shaping the way global
investors think about opportunities.

The total amount of resources locked in Defi products has surpassed 4 billion
USD, up from about 2 Billion last month. The entire Defi ecosystem is sucking
up financial resources from all industries as this new gold rush bull cycle

Tokenization of Everything

With the growing interest of investors and developers in this new environment,
projects are sprouting everywhere again in an attempt to best use Defi
protocols available in the market to keep building on this unstoppable network.

Ethereum andother growing cryptocurrency networks are locked in a head to head race to
decentralize our world and it is guaranteed that WinPlay will not be the last
project diving fully into the Defi DAO ecosystem.



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