August 2020 New York, New York, USA

A TV series that follows two English guys Dan M Lee & Adam Juniper during their travels using cards to seal their fate with photography based challenges and quests to complete. Turns any road trip into a Camera Caper.

Using special “patent pending” designed challenge and move cards plus a mobile app, the guys try to compete and win their way to their destination wherever that maybe.

Featuring some educational elements and maybe some fun and peril and of course petty arguments that only “grown up men” can do. The cards will also be on sale so viewers can  try their hand at epic road trips with a photography twist, think “Top Gear” with Cameras. Viewers will be treated to 10 episodes in the first series due sometime in 2021.

The TV series will be supported by a forthcoming book and additional card sets that can be played in localized areas across the US and UK, available on the website Perfect for “stay-cations” for any level of photographer.

“Photography Road Trips Left To Chance Are Always The Best” – Dan M Lee

About Dan M Lee

Dan has been working in the photography industry for over 20 years mostly in the commercial space. He re-focused in travel and travel content 5 years ago after a long career in commercial studio, interior and advertising content for industry leaders in many genres.

Published many times in print with Professional Photographer, Sony, Culture Trip, Countryside Magazine, NY Tourism Guide, New York Times, many real estate marketing magazines throughout the USA and many online publications. Dan has also co-authored “Creative Photography : The Professional Edge”.

About Adam Juniper

Adam is a career “tech-splainer,” explaining technology to everyone from his mum to the millions of readers of Digital Camera and other publications. He’s never abandoned his connection to creating original content, but he also turned that into a two decade career in publishing the work of other leading photographers at independent and major publishing firms.

Books Adam has devised, edited, pitched, and marketed have sold in excess of five million copies but he has managed to get his name on the front cover for a series of books including The Complete Guide to Drones – a category bestseller. All told these have sold over 100,000 copies in six languages.

Production for the TV is handled by Blackstone Productions LLC. Copyright, Trademark Camera Caper and Patent (Pending) is held by Dan M Lee Photography, Corp

Name of Press Contact: Dan M Lee, Adam Juniper, Angie Gee


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